A little patience, please …

We have plenty of features lined up for Mobdro Premium and we’ll have them ready for you as soon as we can. But we’re a very small company dedicated to your perfect streaming experience, so we put first things first: server maintenance, bug-squishing and updating Mobdro keeps us busy. We understand your excitement, but making good things takes time. Here’s a glimpse into the near future:

Remove all ads

Mobdro Premium is completely ad free, for an even cleaner watching experience. Nothing but your videos. Not a single ad. Nowhere.

Download streams

Save videos to your phone or tablet to watch them anytime and anywhere, even without an internet connection.

Chromecast Support

So what if the screen on your phone is tiny. Just push your videos to the big screen: Mobdro Premium comes with ChromeCast integration.

Sleep Timer

Set your timer and fall asleep with a nice video. Don’t worry about waking up with a dead battery: it had a good night’s sleep, just like you.

… and more

We’ve already started working on frequently requested features, such as CloudShare integration and Live Events streaming. Please follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ to stay on top of Mobdro’s development.

If you use Mobdro on your device, we’ll also notify you about available updates.

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